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Asana at the BodyHoliday in the Caribbean, with classes for all levels.
How yoga helps the mind

The 21st century is a beautiful, messy, complex time to be alive. If you have wondered how yoga helps the mind keep reading. The outer turmoil of our planet’s climate almost seems to be a reflection of the storms that erupt from within our own hearts. Work, money, and the idea of security in life are what drive most peoples actions, but what is missing? There seems to be a lack of freedom, self-love, & connection to the natural world. Our hearts have gotten into the habit of closing. That sensation you sometimes (maybe regularly) feel in your chest: of tightening, heaviness, and a sense of the heart dropping down towards the stomach-that is the “closing” of the heart.

How Yoga Helps the Mind

As humans we have gotten into the habit of “clinging” onto feelings & burying our emotions. Everything is energy. At each given moment our senses are transmitting data through electrical impulses in order for our minds & hearts to receive the experience. When the psyche views the data as a disturbance, you resist, not allowing the energy to pass through but instead blocking the energy from processing.  When you look back on an event that occurred last week..last month….last year… or years ago and emotions flood through your body, this is unprocessed energy.

A yoga teacher in her Caribbean yoga workshop, on how the body and mind works and the art of letting go.The Yin+Poetry class at BodyHoliday offers a variety of tools such as meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), & asana (yoga postures) to open & release the stale energies that are no longer serving you. The sequence of postures are slow with some long-held heart & hip openers (as these are the places energy tend to store). There will be the options for props in order to help you truly relax & release. During each long-held pose, our resident yogi will help you dive further into the subject, bringing you into a space of deep contemplation & hopefully lead you into a seat of consciousness where freedom, self-love, and a sense of interconnectedness with nature is felt.

By Kaya Shannon – BodyHoliday’s Resident Yogi

Join Kaya Shannon for her upcoming classes intended for all levels. Find all the delightfulness your body has been craving as we dive into a place that is dynamic, strong, playful, free, flowy, soothing, & gentle. Kaya also offers private sessions and if you are interested in one-on-one yoga, please ask your BodyHoliday Specialist.

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