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Yoga at The BodyHoliday

Keep Your Gaze Still

In Yoga when flowing through the practice it’s easy to get distracted.  The mind tends to drift quite often and for most it can be difficult to stay present but not if you keep your gaze still on one point, in sanskrit this is called the Drishti.  ‘Drishti’ or point of focus differs in each pose; for example in triangle pose the drishti is the extended hand reaching to the sky, in a forward bend it’s the toes, in shoulder stand it’s the tip of the nose or navel.  The mind is free of distractions and one is able to experience a meditative state through this focus/gazing point.

So next time you practice notice how often you look around or look away from the drishti, each time you learn a little bit more about the fluctuations of the mind and how to bring your self back to the present moment.  So get on the mat and practice practice practice! Namaste

Master the art of keeping your gaze with a one on one session with our Yoga instructors.

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