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Yoga at The BodyHoliday
The Benefits of Yoga

What is the main goal of yoga? It is important that we understand the benefits we can derive from yoga before embarking on our yogic journey.

According to Feuerstein, the traditional purpose of yoga has always been to bring about a profound transformation in a person through the transcendence of the ego. Look to Hinduism and the word yoga means spiritual discipline. Fast track to the present day and perhaps one of the most common answers to this question is – mastering postures.

Yoga is helpful in creating a union in body, mind and spirit:

  • Physically – it can lead to an increase in flexibility and strength, as well as a more toned body (something that’s highly coveted these days). At The BodyHoliday, our guests have reported physical benefits including improved respiration, increased energy and vitality. In some cases, guests have experienced relief of pain and mention feeling more limber.
  • Mentally – our guests (and I know this is potentially even further reaching) feel much more relaxed during and after a yoga session. It has very calming qualities. It is ideal for stressful lives and assists in quieting the mind. Yoga also encourages more positive thoughts and encourages self-acceptance.
  • Spiritually – it’s all about achieving oneness –balance and interdependence among mind, body and spirit. Yoga encourages awareness of the body, your feelings and those of others and your environment.

It is easy and advisable to let yoga become part of your daily life. Breathing is life; remembering the breathing exercises you learn in yoga can help immensely. The focus on breathing is absolutely calming. You can use your breathing exercises in stressful situations at work, at home or anywhere else. I use them every day on the job when I feel overwhelmed or just want to calm down and it works far better than counting to ten!

I love yoga because there truly is no age limit or fitness requirement for it. You can start and work at your own pace and develop through patience and discipline. We’re going to take full advantage of the benefits of yoga during our Octoba Yoga month at The BodyHoliday. The offerings from our Masters will be tremendous!

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