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Yoga at The BodyHoliday

What type of yoga is best for you?

It is a no brainer that at BodyHoliday you can do a numerous amount of activities, and pack your days with fun land, and water activities, however, if you chose BodyHoliday for its holistic approach you are also in the right place. Do you know which yoga is best for you?

I have always thought that combining yoga and meditation gives you something unique that no other activity can, that inner peace that we are constantly looking for and that we desperately need sometimes that helps us maintain inner calm and strength. The recharge of energy that is possible through yoga and meditation is not only physical but also spiritual and mental.

At BodyHoliday you can start your day with a sunrise yoga class where you will greet the day through a sequence of sun salutations. You may also finish your day with a sunset yoga session where through a series of stretches and lengthening the spine you will feel absolutely relaxed, relieving tension, back pain and wishing the sun farewell as it slips beneath the horizon.

For those who have never practiced yoga before you can take the opportunity at BodyHoliday to learn from our skilled and knowledgeable yoga instructors, starting with our Hatha yoga level 1 classes where you will be able to acquire some standing and seated postures with clear explanation of each asana. Restorative yoga is also a great alternative, especially if you plan to pack your days with sporting activities, it will help your tired aching muscles relax and release.

Our instructors come from different parts of the world. Natascha is from the U.K. and a graduate of the Yoga Academy and was trained under Simon Low at his international yoga facility, she teaches hatha yoga, vinyasa, heart opener, sunrise and restorative yoga. Kestin is another of our instructors, she is from St. Lucia and you will find her teaching style dynamic, fresh and she is proud graduate from the International Sivananda Yoga venture center. Finally, Dr. Samantha’s traditional hatha yoga, katti, and vinyasa yoga classes will take you through breathing techniques and through a more traditional approach of yoga and meditation.

What type of yoga is best for you?

For more information and inspiration please check out this series of 3 articles featured on the lifestyle blog “Midst of it” where you can read my explanation and description of some of the best yoga classes offered at BodyHoliday http://midstofit.com/my-bodyholiday-fitness-journey-yoga/ and read a two-part interview with BodyHoliday’s resident Yogi Natascha Zeller:

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For more information, please visit the Activities Office.

Written by Diana Ancona from Ancona Wellness https://www.anconawellness.com

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