What are Themed Months?

Some years ago, we were fortunate to have a guest, Diana Moran. Those of us old enough will remember the early days of Breakfast TV when Diana offered up a morning fitness routine on screen. She was known as the “Green Goddess”. Talking to this amazing lady, we came up with the idea of BodyHoliday “Masterclasses”, which ran at certain times of the year. These were so popular and added so much more value to the holiday, “Theme Months” came into being.

Today we have a dedicated theme, 9 months of the year.

Ready for 2020? – Here’s a brief overview

One of the first athletes to help us, was the two times gold medalist in the Decathlon, Daley Thomson, pictured here at BodyHoliday.

He has been followed by a long list of athletes and professional sportsmen and women, who are either still competing or now engaged in fitness enterprises and teaching.

Swimming champion Sharron Davies, is leading the cyclists in the photo above Daley.

Read more about the history of Theme Months
Cycling at resorts enjoying bodyholiday trip
Daley-Thompson workout at St.Lucia Resort Caribbean Island
dance at bodyholiday

Jive June

31st May – 28th June 2020

WellFit Families

5th July-30th August 2020

September Solos

1st-27th September 2020

Wellness Music Festival

21st – 27th September 2020

SwimFit & Swim Adventure

5th-15th November 2020

Octoba Yoga

13th October – 3rd November 2020

retreat at bodyholiday

Pre-Christmas Restorative Break

1st – 22nd December 2020