Why a Villa Vacation?

Embarking on a holiday to Saint Lucia doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, thanks to the enticing low-cost villa alternatives available. BodyHoliday, a renowned resort set within the stunning sceneries of Saint Lucia, is the place to go for an unforgettable wellness vacation. If you prefer a more quiet and personalised experience, BodyHoliday’s Villas provide… Continue reading Why a Villa Vacation?

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BodyHoliday X Steve Lewis Makes an Impact

In an inspiring display of corporate social responsibility, the team at BodyHoliday recently invited Steve Lewis, a former Olympian, to visit the Saint Lucia Sports Academy. This initiative aimed to motivate and empower students by sharing Lewis’ remarkable journey as an athlete and his insights on the importance of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. The event… Continue reading BodyHoliday X Steve Lewis Makes an Impact

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Tarte au Chocolat

Ingredients Sweet Pastry 140g icing sugar 45g ground almond 3g salt 200g butter 68g egg yolk (room temperature) 80g flour (1), sifted 250g bread flour (2), sifted. Dark Chocolate Tart Filling 450g dark chocolate 225g Fresh cream 40g butter. Cocoa Glaze 50g cocoa powder, sifted 120g water 150g sugar 85g whipping cream 10g gelatine leaves,… Continue reading Tarte au Chocolat

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Steamed Spiny Lobster

Marinated in soy, ginger and ponzu Ingredients: 2 fresh spiny lobsters (1800 g/63 oz in total) 4 wooden skewers Ponzu Sauce 40 g/1.4 oz ginger, peeled and grated 80 ml/1/3 cup Kikkoman soy sauce 40 ml/3 tablespoons+1 teaspoon sake 200 ml/3/4cup +1 tablespoon +1 teaspoon water Lattice Net 2 cucumbers, peeled and seeded Sesame Marinade… Continue reading Steamed Spiny Lobster

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Two women sitting breathing (Prana Breath)

The Breath

The Breath In Yoga The Breath is key.  To control the breath means to control the mind, to find ‘Sukha’ (ease) and lightness in practice through the breath. In our day to day if we experience stress, the breath shortens, if we are sad, the breath is shallow, if we feel anger we may hold… Continue reading The Breath

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HappyWoman on beach smiling and wearing a hat

Be Happy

The Importance of Happiness for Mental Health Happiness plays a crucial role in our overall well-being and quality of life. Here are a few reasons why happiness is important for mental health: Positive Emotions Happiness encompasses positive emotions like joy, contentment, and satisfaction. When we experience these positive emotions, our brain releases chemicals such as… Continue reading Be Happy

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The Holistic Approach to Life by Doug Svenson

Yoga is not a cult It used to be that most Americans viewed Yoga as a weird cult, practiced only by the lost souls on the fringe, who were wasting their time reaching for an abstract view of life. An aspiring student of yoga was not someone you would want living in your own neighborhood, let… Continue reading The Holistic Approach to Life by Doug Svenson

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Woman in Yoga Pose on Infinity pool

Yoga -What are the benefits?

What is the main goal of yoga? It is useful to understand the benefits of yoga before embarking on your yogic journey. Tradition The traditional purpose of yoga is to bring about a profound transformation in a person through the transcendence of the ego. In Hindi the word yoga means spiritual discipline. Fast track to… Continue reading Yoga -What are the benefits?

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Saint Lucian Carnival 2023

Saint Lucia Carnival is a highly anticipated annual cultural event dating back to 1947. The celebrations were established following World War II and like other Caribbean carnival celebrations, it was influenced by a prehistoric festival with roots in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Apart from persons coming from all over the world, some Saint Lucians… Continue reading Saint Lucian Carnival 2023

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Global Wellness Day at BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

We’re halfway through the year and many of us are steadily pursuing our health goals. Congratulations to those who have been consistent thus far and for those who may have slowed down, it’s not too late to get back up! What better way to continue or start this journey than at BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia?… Continue reading Global Wellness Day at BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

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International Tea Day

For Tea lovers, it’s your month to shine! International Tea Day is celebrated on 21st May 2023 and on this day, tea fanatics gather to celebrate their favourite drink whilst promoting ways to make tea production and consumption sustainable! Is International Tea Day Worth Celebrating? Yes! It is a well-known fact that drinking tea is… Continue reading International Tea Day

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Well Health

How BodyHoliday can make your National Women Health Week Goals Easy

Every year, Mother’s Day is followed by National Women’s Health Week, which promotes the importance of women’s and girls’ health. This year’s theme is “Stay active, Eat healthily” thus making it simple for many to join in. There has never been a more crucial time to put our physical and mental health first. Taking care… Continue reading How BodyHoliday can make your National Women Health Week Goals Easy

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What makes BodyHoliday’s Oasis Villas so Special

Are you looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then a West Indian holiday at BodyHoliday’s Oasis Villas is the perfect destination for you! With its luxurious setting and amenities, Oasis Villas are amongst the best villas you can find in the Caribbean. The villas are designed to provide maximum relaxation and… Continue reading What makes BodyHoliday’s Oasis Villas so Special

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How BodyHoliday makes your Wellness Resolution easy

We’re sure that you’ve planned a healthy lifestyle of going to the gym and giving up bad habits but unfortunately, committing to this is difficult. Let us talk about how an early visit to BodyHoliday Saint Lucia can help you achieve these goals. The idea of dining with us is to indulge in delicious cuisine… Continue reading How BodyHoliday makes your Wellness Resolution easy

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Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2023

Saint Lucians are rightly excited by the return after three years of its annual Jazz and Arts Festival. In previous years many global music icons have graced the Pigeon Island stage. Performers have included George Benson, Mary J. Blige, Boyz II Men, Ciara, En Vogue, Herbie Hancock, and Lauryn Hill, India. Arie, The Isley Brothers,… Continue reading Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2023

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives by BodyHoliday and StolenTime by Rendezvous   As part of our ongoing initiatives in support of Breast Cancer Awareness in Saint Lucia, we invited a representative from the Ministry of Health and a registered nurse from the Victoria Hospital to host a seminar about importance of self-testing and diagnosing. None was left out.… Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness

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Christmas Tree

Four Benefits of Spending Christmas at BodyHoliday St. Lucia

If you’re the one running around buying and wrapping presents as well as preparing dinner, it can get super exhausting over the holidays. It’s more important than ever during this time of year to ensure that you take time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate in preparation for the year ahead – and what better way… Continue reading Four Benefits of Spending Christmas at BodyHoliday St. Lucia

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BodyHoliday & StolenTime by Rendezvous Contributed to Entrepot Secondary School in Saint Lucia

On Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 BodyHoliday & StolenTime by Rendezvous embarked on another initiative that fell in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility vision:    To change situations, the community and the environment of people through authentic, purposeful, resource-filled interventions. For many teenagers on the island especially those in the fifth form, the thought of… Continue reading BodyHoliday & StolenTime by Rendezvous Contributed to Entrepot Secondary School in Saint Lucia

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Passionfruit and Turmeric Dressing with our Wellness Chef Juliana

Passionfruit and Turmeric Dressing with our Wellness Chef Juliana Join Juliana as she puts together one of our signature, immune-boosting dressings in our beautiful ITAL kitchen. Both quick and easy to make, try it yourself in your own kitchen. You will need: 1 large passionfruit 1/4tsp turmeric powder himalayan salt, crushed black pepper, freshly ground… Continue reading Passionfruit and Turmeric Dressing with our Wellness Chef Juliana

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The Telegraph

See our full page feature review in the Telegraph by Kathy Lette

We are proud to announce BodyHoliday was featured in the Telegraph with a full-page review after the wonderful Kathy Lette visited us to experience our unparalleled wellness holiday. See what she had to say here.

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Lobby Symetrical

What makes BodyHoliday so unique?

What makes BodyHoliday so unique?   Since BodyHoliday St Lucia opened in 1988 we have developed a reputation as the leading wellness resort. We introduced a pioneering concept to the hotel and spa industry at a time were hotel spas were limited in their facilities and benefits to guests, and we are famed for our unique approach to health, fitness and wellbeing. Situated… Continue reading What makes BodyHoliday so unique?

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The Power of Stretching – Combatting Poor Posture

The Power of Stretching – Combatting Poor Posture When Working at Home  For many of us, Covid-19 has meant working from home and creating a new ‘office space’ within the house. This could mean your dining room table and chairs now double as a desk space and that your posture is dealing with the impact of this.   Most of… Continue reading The Power of Stretching – Combatting Poor Posture

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Chicken Curry

Healthy Chicken Curry Recipe

Looking to add some flavour and spice to dinner? This week, Executive Chef Alan shows us his take on a healthy chicken curry that is sure to impress!  Whilst the current pandemic has brought out the head chef in many a home cook, the weeks in isolation may mean motivation in the kitchen is beginning to wane and ordering a takeaway might seem the easiest way to get a hit of flavour.  However, with this easy recipe, Executive Chef Alan shows us how to… Continue reading Healthy Chicken Curry Recipe

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The Benefits of Gratitude Journaling

How gratitude journaling can help boost your mood and create a positive mindset  We can dream of the places we’d rather be, look back on fond memories and long for the people that we miss and aren’t able to see right now, but what if we paused and thought of all the things we can do?  … Continue reading The Benefits of Gratitude Journaling

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BodyHoliday’s St Lucian Spritz

A Zesty Refreshment for a Summer’s Evening    As lockdown continues and summer is getting into full swing, we wanted to continue our series of recipes with a refreshing zesty spritz that is sure to add a refreshing moment to a warm sunny evening and create a spot of indulgence within your balanced lifestyle.  The… Continue reading BodyHoliday’s St Lucian Spritz

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Plum Dessert

Plum Dessert Recipe

Craving something sweet? BodyHoliday’s Executive Pastry Chef, Julian Broome, has just the recipe to top up your five a day whilst sating that sweet tooth.   Whilst the majority of us may require routine in our lives to keep us grounded and to help us think clearly, it has never been more apparent that doing the same thing in the same place, day-in day-out, can prove mentally taxing after a time. It therefore comes as no great surprise,… Continue reading Plum Dessert Recipe

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Ayurvedic Centre

Incorporate Ayurveda into your daily routine to create balance and harmony

Incorporate the ancient holistic art of Ayurveda into your daily routine to create balance and harmony   During self-isolation, with our immediate future shrouded in uncertainty, few of us may have given much thought to the idea of achieving inner balance.   Indeed, cultivating the ability to cope with the current difficulties is as admirable as it is essential. However, by incorporating just a few elements… Continue reading Incorporate Ayurveda into your daily routine to create balance and harmony

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Beach Vollyball

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane – How Looking Back at Your Memories From BodyHoliday Can Improve Your Wellbeing  Gone are the days of the post-holiday photo display to friends and family, instead replaced by instant social media posts and live stories that share your moments as they happen. Now that the most ‘travel’ we are doing is… Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Immune Boosting Singapore Noodles with Chef Alan

Cook up a healthy ‘Singapore Noodle’ style “steam-fry” this lunch time, courtesy of BodyHoliday’s Executive Chef, Alan Wichert.  With our usual midday haunts remaining closed for the foreseeable future, now is the time to get more creative with your lunchtimes and try your hand at something you’ve never made before. This week, BodyHoliday’s Executive Chef Alan tell us how to make ‘Singapore Noodles’, a take-away staple, with a nutritional twist to help keep us nourished… Continue reading Immune Boosting Singapore Noodles with Chef Alan

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Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Monday motivation: Top tips to help you wind down before bed   Sleep is a sought-after commodity at the best of times. With an industry worth billions of dollars, a plethora of new sleep-improving products constantly being conceptualised and a population soaking up reams of information on the subject, it is an innate bodily function most of us are always seeking to enhance.  Here are our top tips for a better… Continue reading Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

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10 Minute Guided Meditation with Master Practitioner Tendel

Find calm amongst the chaos, through meditation with BodyHoliday’s Tendel   Meditation is a booming movement in today’s popular culture. Once considered a concept reserved exclusively for hardcore yogis, the practice has, in recent times, amassed an impressive and varied following, resonating with everyone from highflying city types to country-loving retirees.     Here, one of BodyHoliday’s master practitioners, Tendel Zangpo, talks us through how meditation can help us to unwind and forget our daily worries and troubles.  The art of meditation is almost as old as… Continue reading 10 Minute Guided Meditation with Master Practitioner Tendel

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Dr Maha

Lower your stress with Dr Maha’s Breathing Exercises

Boost your immune system and lower your stress with Dr Maha’s Breathing Exercises   Of course it’s impossible to ignore the importance of breathing when it comes to our immediate physicality, but we are not always aware of how the way we breathe can have a long-term effect on our vital organs, internal processes and immune system, as well as our… Continue reading Lower your stress with Dr Maha’s Breathing Exercises

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Alan Igtv

Maintain a healthy, balanced and immune boosting diet during isolation with Chef Alan.

As we are all spending much more time at home, now is the perfect opportunity to focus on nutrition – making sure we’re adjusting our diets to fit our new ‘normal’, while incorporating ingredients that help boost, not only our immune system, but also our mood.  Alan Wichert, Executive Chef at BodyHoliday, offers his top tips on maintaining a… Continue reading Maintain a healthy, balanced and immune boosting diet during isolation with Chef Alan.

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Very Berry Smacking !

So we looked at the nutritional awesomeness of snacking on nuts, but it doesn’t stop there, oh no as variety is the spice of life mix your snacks up a little to really see the rewards of eating regularly. When a snack attack occurs, look to include fresh or frozen berries for a super satisfying,… Continue reading Very Berry Smacking !

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Time to Get Spicy

Time to get spicy

If you’re anything like me you might just throw in a teaspoon of whatever spices you have knocking about in the cupboard to your dish in the hope that it will add some flavor. Well the brownie points go to us, that little sprinkle, all be it a last minute thought, can actually boost the… Continue reading Time to get spicy

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Infrared Therapy

Far infrared detox therapy

Not your everyday sauna. The use of saunas date back to ancient times where different cultures around the world used it for detoxification purposes. As an inclusive part of your BodyHoliday, we offer you twenty-minute sessions of Far Infrared Detox therapy. If you are asking yourself what makes this treatment so beneficial, apart from being… Continue reading Far infrared detox therapy

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