Far infrared detox therapy

Infrared Therapy

Far infrared detox therapy

Not your everyday sauna.

The use of saunas date back to ancient times where different cultures around the world used it for detoxification purposes. As an inclusive part of your BodyHoliday, we offer you twenty-minute sessions of Far Infrared Detox therapy. If you are asking yourself what makes this treatment so beneficial, apart from being the only wellness resort in the Caribbean to have this facility, let me give you some background about this treatment.

The Far Infrared Detox Therapy operates by emitting infrared waves to a depth of about one and a half inches or 5 centimeters. When you go to a sauna the warm air heats up your body, but in the infrared sauna the light creates heat which heats the body directly and from the inside. Once the waves penetrate, it offers significant benefits to the body which include healing, soothing, stimulation, and detoxing the body. The waves warm the muscles, as well as other tissues, and organs such as kidneys, liver and lymph. Other benefits from the FAR Infrared Detox Therapy include: increase in body’s circulation, faster metabolic rate, oxygenation, and cellular regeneration. This type of therapy can also assist in weight loss due to the elimination of free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat, excess sodium and uric acid.

We have had many successful stories of guests and even some members from our BodyHoliday team that had muscle pain, and saw a significant reduction in their pain after using the Far Infrared Detox Therapy. The warming of the muscles helps with back pain due to muscular contraction. Therefore, if you are feeling sore after all your activities at BodyHoliday you can use this facility as when the muscle fibers are warmed it helps reducing soreness, swelling, inflammation, and pain. Apart from all the above, it also helps to strengthen the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells in bone marrow and T-cells by the thymus gland. Some contraindications are to avoid it if you are pregnant, or attend these sessions during lactation, if you have any superficial metallic implants, pace makers and or recent surgery.

The Far Infrared Detox Facility is part of our BodyScience clinic which is designed to lead our guests to optimal high-level health through a series of non-invasive tests that establish your nutritional requirements, fitness of your heart, and circulatory system.

For more information, please visit the Activities Office.

By: Diana Ancona – from Ancona Wellness

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