BodyHoliday’s St Lucian Spritz

BodyHoliday’s St Lucian Spritz

A Zesty Refreshment for a Summer’s Evening 


As lockdown continues and summer is getting into full swing, we wanted to continue our series of recipes with a refreshing zesty spritz that is sure to add a refreshing moment to a warm sunny evening and create a spot of indulgence within your balanced lifestyle. 

The St Lucian Spritz was created by our very own mixologist Martina, following the popularity of Aperol Spritz in Europe and requests from guests. With Aperol not being a common liqueur in St. Lucia, Martina created her own take on the drink using Campari, which is not only from the same drinks family, but also much more popular in St Lucia. 

With the Campari adding the bitterness, orange liqueur creating a spot of sweetness and limeadding the zesty citrus twist, the St Lucian Spritz is the perfect refreshing indulgence for a summer’s evening. 

The St Lucian Spritz is served at BodyHoliday’s bars and we cannot wait to hear how you’ve recreated this cocktail at home, and perhaps even added your own twist, as soon as we reopen. 

Discover how to make this refreshing drink at home, with BodyHoliday’s St Lucian Spritz recipe:  


  • 2 oz of Campari
  • oz of orange liqueur  
  • Cava or preferred sparkling wine, to taste 
  • Ice 
  • ½ lime, cut into three wedges 
  • Sparkling water, to taste

Method for BodyHoliday’s St Lucian Spritz 

  • Pour the Campari into a jug or cocktail shaker, followed by the orange liqueur
  • Add three scoops of ice to the jug / shaker and stir to really chill the drink
  • Half fill a wine glass with ice 
  • Pour the Campari and orange liqueur mixture into the wine glass, using a cocktail strainer, if you have one
  • Add the three slices of lime to the glass, squeezing them as you do so to infuse the flavour of the lime juice
  • Add the sparkling wine to the glass, according to your taste
  • Top the glass up with sparkling water, again to your taste 

 Watch here as our Piano Bar’s Stephen Peters shows you how to make this delicious, refreshing spritz. 

Please always drink responsibly.  

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