Immune Boosting Singapore Noodles with Chef Alan


Immune Boosting Singapore Noodles with Chef Alan

Cook up a healthy Singapore Noodle style “steam-fry” this lunch time, courtesy of BodyHoliday’s Executive Chef, Alan Wichert. 

With our usual midday haunts remaining closed for the foreseeable future, now is the time to get more creative with your lunchtimes and try your hand at something you’ve never made beforeThis week, BodyHoliday’s Executive Chef Alan tell us how to make ‘Singapore Noodles’, a take-away staple, with a nutritional twist to help keep us nourished and energised during isolation.  

Alan Wichert, Executive Chef at BodyHoliday, talks us through the importance of a healthy, mindful lunch and shares his recipe for one of the nation’s most-loved dishes. 

Whilst we’re all working from home, taking our allotted time for lunch has become more important than ever. By providing our days with some well needed structure and giving us a chance to refocus our minds and energy, taking a midday reprieve will do wonders for productivity levels in the hours to follow. 

What is more, with a little more time on our hands at the minute, takinjust 20 minutes to pull together a lunch not only nutritionally dense, but filling and delectable too, is so important when it comes to our psychological and physical health.  

When the hours and days feel like they’re merging into one, not only does it give us something to look forward to, it also sets us up with the energy and motivation to carry out the tasks which shape and add colour to our days, be it working, running, reading, knitting or meditating. 

With this in mind, I wanted to guide you through how to make a Singapore noodle “steam fry”.  A simple recipe easily adapted to work with your store cupboard ingredients, as well as the fresh produce you’ve managed to get your hands on at the supermarket, this tasty and low-calorie meal is packed full of essential antioxidants and health-giving ingredients.  

With garlic, manuka honey and chilli in the mix, all of which are known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, alongside protein rich eggs and as many fresh veggies as you can get your hands on, your immune system will be positively purring after a portion of this. 

What’s more, through steam-frying the vegetables, you’ll be able to minimise the olive oil used, thus keeping down the saturated fats, whilst locking in as much of the goodness these veggies have to offer.  

Watch Chef Alan here as he shows us how to make his healthy and immune boosting ‘Singapore Noodles’.  

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