A Trip Down Memory Lane

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane – How Looking Back at Your Memories From BodyHoliday Can Improve Your Wellbeing 

Gone are the days of the post-holiday photo display to friends and family, instead replaced by instant social media posts and live stories that share your moments as they happen. Now that the most ‘travel’ we are doing is between the rooms of our house, photos and videos from holidays gone by are more precious than ever and BodyHoliday’s wellness experts explain why it’s ok to revel in them. 

How ‘Throwback Thursday’ can actually improve your psychological wellbeing: 

In a 2006 study from the University of Southampton, participants who were the most prone to nostalgic thinking also had the highest scores in happiness and self-esteem. Especially during times like this, looking back on fond memories can help us to remember how we were feeling and transmit that into our present state of mind 

Holidays are typically some of the happiest memories we’ll have, since we are spending time with loved ones, relaxed and free from the stresses of work and everyday life. Remembering this and channelling the same emotions brings positivity into the present and gives us a mental escape from current anxieties 

During moments of meditation or relaxation, it is important to visualise a place or channel a feeling of contentment. Regularly reminiscing on past holidays and happy memories can make them easier to retrieve during periods of stress or anxiety, so that happy place is never far away when you need it most 

Appreciating the past can also help us become more mindful in the present, enabling us to purposefully identify what it is that makes us feel happy or stressed. By looking back and ruminating on past memories, we can gain a deeper understanding of our emotional state and therefore know how to process our feelings in the present day 

In order to channel happy memories, BodyHoliday invites you to share your ‘Throwback Thursday’ moments on social media using #MyBodyHoliday, tagging the resort in your photo and explaining what the moment means to you. We’ll then will share some of our favourites on our social media channels for the whole community to enjoy! 

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