What makes BodyHoliday so unique?

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What makes BodyHoliday so unique?

What makes BodyHoliday so unique?  

Since BodyHoliday St Lucia opened in 1988 we have developed a reputation as the leading wellness resort. We introduced a pioneering concept to the hotel and spa industry at a time were hotel spas were limited in their facilities and benefits to guests, and we are famed for our unique approach to health, fitness and wellbeing. Situated on one of the most beautiful West Indian islands, BodyHoliday provides a personalised service through spa treatments, therapies and activities based on the four pillars: exercise, good diet, restorative beauty and relaxation.   

Let’s talk about relaxation. We believe it’s key to our wellbeing, and BodyHoliday has a myriad of ways to help guests achieve this. We provide the knowledge and tools to enjoy mental and physical rejuvenation during and after your stay, including the opportunity to learn different breathing or meditation techniques and different styles of yoga. We encourage a digital detox at the resort, and you have access to de-stress programmes which can be individually tailoredWhat’s more, we have an unparalleled selection of daily activities and fitness classes, ranging from archery to scuba diving, spinning to Pilates, and Ayurvedic to yoga.  

Beauty comes from within and at BodyHoliday we believe it comes when you are at peace. We offer personalised beauty programmes using top of the line products. With a focus on diet, we encourage you to eat mindfully and healthily at the resort, whilst indulging and treating yourself within reason. After all, who can resist a St Lucian Spritz on the beachAt each of the five restaurants, we focus on simple but delicious dishes, using the best produce. 

Themes are key for us at BodyHoliday. Nine months of the year, we run themed months incorporating all four of BodyHoliday’s pillars. These programmes, which vary from Octoba Yoga to SwimFit, and September Solos to Jive June, are hosted by Olympic and World Champion sports personalities.  

We have shown during the Covid-19 pandemic that we can adapt and cater to guests needs, whether near or afar, with the creation of a one-of-a-kind digital wellness programme, providing the ultimate tips, recipes and classes. We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle, that needn’t compromise the fun that comes with a stay at BodyHoliday 

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