How BodyHoliday makes your Wellness Resolution easy


How BodyHoliday makes your Wellness Resolution easy

We’re sure that you’ve planned a healthy lifestyle of going to the gym and giving up bad habits but unfortunately, committing to this is difficult. Let us talk about how an early visit to BodyHoliday Saint Lucia can help you achieve these goals.

The idea of dining with us is to indulge in delicious cuisine that combines healthy eating with pampering. This fact is more apparent with our 6 dining outlets, as we offer different cuisine options for all taste buds. We are aware of the need to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fat, but the resort strives not to do so at the expense of guests and the enjoyment of dining while on vacation. Most times, key ingredients are presented at the buffet and if not, feel free to ask our servers who would be more than willing to share the chef’s secret and
wisdom for you to take home.

Another important element is exercise. The steps of knowing where to start, figuring out activities to participate in and how many times a week to do one workout can be taunting. But, when you visit BodyHoliday St.lucia everything you need for your regime is handed to you. Whether you want to try something new, explore a physical island adventure; which turns into an unnoticed workout, or push your limits at the gym, our experts will guide you onsite and leave you with instructions to take away.

Another essential but neglected aspect is relaxation which is the best-known method to reduce stress. By reason of the many practices we offer, such as breathing, detoxification, tension programs, and Ayurvedic and Chinese preventive practices. We’re sure you’ll melt under the soothing sun on our West Indian beach.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle, so we have introduced a “sleep well programme”. This is a carefully conceptualized combination of aesthetics, design elements and amenities that fosters an atmosphere for sleep. It includes noise-reduction walls, restful lighting, interior design inspired by Feng Shui, State of the art air conditioning and a pillow menu that is sure to help you rest and relax.

Body Holiday believes that your room should be a relaxing place and not a source of stress or stimulation. Your room is your sanctuary, your home from home. It is your stage for that first cup of coffee of the day and your sundowner venue with a chilled Chardonnay.

Remember, everything that happens inside is reflected outwardly, so after our relaxation activities, transformation exercises and delicious meals, allow our professional to guide you through our beauty program: the frosting on the cake. Our dedicated Skin Clinic combines ancient philosophies with cutting-edge technology and processes. From around the world, we find the
best treatments, the best products; Oils, herbs, minerals and marine and plant extracts to pamper you. We offer all guests free consultations with our well-known professional – Dr Maha, who leaves you with the knowledge to last a lifetime.

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