In Yoga The Breath is key.  To control the breath means to control the mind, to find ‘Sukha’ (ease) and lightness in practice through the breath.

In our day to day if we experience stress, the breath shortens, if we are sad, the breath is shallow, if we feel anger we may hold our breath.

In Yoga we may find poses or the pace of a class challenging and the breath will change, indicating tightness in the body and/or weakness in the core body and/or a mind that wants to give up.

Breathe cleansing breaths.  Inhalations can be viewed as an appetite for peace, strength, evolving, growing and moving forward and exhalations can be seen as letting go of tension, heavy thoughts and the past that no longer serves us on our path.

Take the time, sit and breathe.  Try 10 minutes in a chair, on a mat, however you are comfortable, listen and feel the breath move in and out, be still, experience peace.

Attend our “Prana” classes at BodyHoliday, or check out Yoga classes near where you live. Start breathing.