The Clubhouse Bar

The Clubhouse is the centre of life at BodyHoliday. It’s a meeting place, a brilliant cocktail bar, place of live entertainment, location of our air-conditioned library and games room, it’s where the secret garden is, it hosts the Pavilion Grill and of course afternoon tea and sundowners.

This is where you can catch up with what’s happening from the notice board at the entrance. It’s where our Olympic “Theme Month” athletes give motivational talks and where you can dance away the evening.

The Clubhouse staff are rather nifty at making cocktails and sometimes they might even show you how to make the perfect ‘Clubhouse Delight’

Cocktail List (Always being updated)

There are always a range of non-alcoholic cocktails on offer and we always use fresh island produce.

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Opening times.

Clubhouse opens from 11:00am and stays open throughout the day and evening, closing at midnight.

Where to meet
Meeting in the Clubhouse
club house bar
piano bar

Piano Bar

Open every evening at 7:00pm

Closes when the last guest goes to bed!


The Piano Bar

The Piano Bar is a little more traditional than the Clubhouse and is designed as a pre-dinner and after-dinner venue. The overriding colour scheme is a mix of blues and indigo and many guests are often puzzled by the meaning of the design. The clue is in the ornaments and artwork that are distinctly connected with the sea. Not only that but more “under” the sea.

It is called The Piano Bar for good reason and music is key. Before dinner, Alfred, will play gentle background music while you sip your cocktails. Much later on and every night except Wednesdays, folks gather around the Piano, the songbooks come out and the atmosphere is quite amazing. It is true that some nights it clicks and sometimes not so much, but when the stars are in alignment it’s not to be missed.

As a more formal pre-dinner venue, where the dress code is elegantly casual, you will not be surprised that the mighy “Martini” is much in evidence. We’ve concocted a menu utilising infusions made with produce from our organic gardens. If you have never had one, you must try them out next time you visit.

As a taster, here’s are current list/

Martini Menu

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Afternoon Tea

A guilty pleasure shared is a guilty pleasure halved! Meeting in the Clubhouse and Pavilion for afternoon tea is somewhat of a BodyHoliday tradition. A very civilised time of the day to catch up with everyone. It is a real hub of activity throughout tea-time both in the clubhouse and out on the deck.

Then of course if you haven’t got another activity to go to, you can segway neatly into sundowners, without moving.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea

Served daily from 4:00pm-6:00pm in the Pavilion at the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Playlists

A Night At The Theatre

Bob Marley Family and Friends

Diva's and Their Songs

Influenced by the Blues

It’s Motown!

Living in The West Indies

Movie Soundtracks

Soft Folky Rock

Sounds from the Caribbean

The Crooners and Their Love Songs