BodyHoliday Dive Centre

Where does Scuba Diving fit into a wellness holiday? For those who have experienced the underwater world, the answer is clear. Imagine moving slowly and effortlessly through a world of brightly coloured sea life and corals. You are effectively cocooned from the outside world. The sound is your breathing. It is relaxing, invigorating, and inspirational. To be so closely in touch with nature almost defies description.

We offer a PADI Resort Course programme if you have never dived before but have it in mind to explore the idea. This is an amazing opportunity to get a small taste.  It includes a 45-minute classroom session, 45 minutes in the pool, and then an ocean dive to a maximum depth of 20ft /6m on our beautiful reef right in front of the resort. An instructor will accompany you at all times. The dive is very safe and loads of fun! Best of all, it is included in the price of your St Lucia holiday.

For those that need to get the lowdown on our Dive Boat, “Tiny” Check the details here.

Scuba Programme

BodyHoliday is an accredited PADI Dive centre. The Dive shop features a classroom with audio-visual equipment and “TINY” our Dive boat is pictured all over this page.

We offer a complete range of PADI courses and a thrilling Dive schedule.

Saint Lucia has some incredible dive sites; reef dives, wall dives, wreck dives and a spectacular Marine park at the base of the famous Pitons. They stretch down below the waves as far as they do above reaching for the sky.

All Scuba, air fill and regulators, bcds, weights and boat trips are inclusive with the cost of each dive certification course. Wet suits can be hired.

The Scuba Diving team will need to check your fitness level using a medical questionnaire in order to determine that you have no contra-indications, which could create a health hazard during your dive.

Clothing: Swimsuit, ‘T’ shirt, shorts or personal wet suit.

The Amazing World of Scuba

BodyHoliday offers a complete range of PADI Diving courses. Under the tuition of Daniel and his team, you will be able to start with the “Open Water” course, and on your subsequent visit, progress to Advanced Diver.

There are opportunities through the PADI education programme to become an advanced diver and even an instructor. PADI also offer a range of “Specialist Courses”; Underwater Photographer, Night Diver, Cave Diver and many more.

TIP: If you are planning on allocating some of your holiday to taking a course, it’s a great idea to arrange it before you come. If we have the time before your arrival day, we can send you the PADI course work. It will save you having to do it all in resort.

PADI Courses

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Underwater Adventures

We offer our qualified divers a weekly schedule of exciting adventure dives. You can choose from One and Two tank dives plus our “special” three-tank package. The programme will include reef dives, wall dives, wreck dives and night dives.

TIP: If you plan to dive, you must bring your certification with you, whether it is PADI,British Sub- Aqua Club or NAUI.

Shore Dives

Night Dives


The Dive Boat – ‘Tiny’

Guests are often curious as to why our beautiful dive boat was named “Tiny”, especially when she is anything but Tiny!

Actually, there is no mystery, she is named after our founder’s Grandmother!

We know that there are many folks who like to get the technical details on boats, so here goes:

Make:      Newton

Size:         46fit

Engine size: 410

Engine Make :Cummins

Cruise speed 19 knots

Licensed to carry 33 persons and three crew.

Completely fitted for recreational scuba diving

Communication VHF

Emergency equipment 2 Life rings 1 life raft, 38 Life jackets, an Oxygen unit,  AED unit.

Cool huh?

a WHITE Motor Vessel with a few people on board ploughing thru the waves