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Knapsack Project

BodyHoliday Saint Lucia and our sister property Rendezvous are proud to partner with Knapsack Project Saint Lucia. This is a community based project to provide knapsacks with school supplies to under served children in Saint Lucia. The St. Lucia Knapsack Project operates out of Toronto, Canada and seeks to support of individuals to reach this goal.

Che Emmanuel, the founder of The Knapsack Project, was born in Scarborough, grew up in Grenada and St. Lucia and moved back to Canada to study. He lives in Toronto with his wife Sophia.

Che has always wanted to give back to the youth in St. Lucia. During a trip to St. Lucia in January 2011 and a chance visit with a friend to Marchand Boulevard, he was inspired to start the project. Seeing young children who couldn’t afford to go to school, exposed to negative influences of drugs and gangs, he felt compelled to do something to help children in at risk communities get an education. That month, Che founded the St. Lucia Knapsack Project; a community based project to provide knapsacks with school supplies to under-served children in primary schools which was modelled after a Toronto based project in place for St. Vincent (run by Yvette Hamlet). With the assistance of his sister Anika, and parents Jimmy and Barbara, contacts were made with Principals and Ministry of Education and Government Representatives to understand the needs of students, identify the students in need and start the project in St. Lucia.

In 2011 – 141 knapsacks were provided to students in 4 communities. Since then the project has become an annual initiative in which Che has mobilized the interest, support and enthusiasm of individuals to make the project a reality. To date over 1400 new knapsacks filled with school supplies have been provided to children in 10 communities in St. Lucia.

BodyHoliday Saint Lucia and Rendezvous assist with logistics and transportation on island and encourage our guests to get involved. Find out more at http://knapsackproject.com/join.html