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Water Sports

If you cannot enjoy the sea in the Caribbean then you will not enjoy it anywhere! It is special. Throughout the year the sea can change colour from blue to green to turquoise depending on the sun and the season – but it is nearly always crystal clear and warm.

If you are into water sports then the BodyHoliday is the all inclusive resort for you. At the BodyHoliday, we can offer you a great array of activities all provided with trained instructors and a large smile!

Enjoy an unforgettable stay at the premier luxury resort in St Lucia, the BodyHoliday LeSPORT!

Included in your St. Lucia Holiday:

Snorkelling, st lucia


Walk straight from the beach into the sea and marvel at the multitude of life and colours beneath the waves. If you try and count the number of different fish you see you will soon run out of fingers and toes! We will provide you with masks, snorkels and fins; you provide the sense of excitement!

St Lucia Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

As you can imagine, there is so much to see in the Caribbean Sea and so we have set up a special page and brochure just for SCUBA.

water skiing in st lucia

Water-Skiing and Wake Boarding

If you want to learn to water ski then we can provide you with great instruction so that you will soon be the envy of the beach! If you can already water ski or wake board then we may be able to offer you some tips or simply use one of our 18ft Dauntless Boston Whalers with their 150 BHP Yamaha engines to show off your skills.



The Caribbean is famous for its gentle warm breeze and this is really useful when windsurfing. We have several Mistral windsurfs at your disposal as well as a few willing instructors to help you learn to be master of the breeze!



In no time at all we will have you mastering these great little sea-going sailboats. They are easy to use and a real pleasure to. After a little instruction and a few attempts (close to shore) you will be whizzing around the cove in no time, skipping over the waves.



If sailing and windsurfing are not to your taste then how about sea kayaking? We have single or two person kayaks at the beach hut and we can help you learn how to use them very quickly.

Pools and The Sea

Pools and The Sea

We have three pools at the BodyHoliday, two for swimming and lazing by and the third is for volleyball and other activities including SCUBA lessons. On top of all this we have a huge open-air pool that is always open – the Caribbean Sea! Enjoy.

Tubing, st lucia sports resort


Are you thinking of doing something exhilarating but not exhausting? If so, then tubing is just the thing for you!

Tubing, st lucia sports resort


This world-famous J/24 Class sailboat is now part of The BodyHoliday fleet! Take your sailing skills to the next level and learn how to sail on this 24-foot monohull.

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