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The Knapsack Project in St. Lucia

The Knapsack Project in St. Lucia #bethechange was founded with one goal; To make an impact on the lives of young children.

The founding father Che, believes that ¨Education is the key ingredient in the success of young people and an aid to help break the cycle of poverty¨. Che Emmanuel, born in Scarborough, Canada, grew up on the islands of Grenada and St. Lucia before moving back to Canada to study. In 2011, he founded the St. Lucia Knapsack Project; a community-based project to provide knapsacks, filled with school supplies, to under-served children in primary schools. Every year since, BodyHoliday and its valued guests, have been proud to participate in the Knapsack Project Saint Lucia.

Osdan Combined Primary School

This week, thanks to the help of many of our return guests, Sean Thomas the new Human Resources Director of BodyHoliday delivered a record high of 71 schoolbags. Thirty-three bags were delivered at Morne Du Don primary and the remaining 38 were delivered to the Osdan Combined Primary School. The recipient students, ranging in age from six to twelve, were chosen by their principals and teachers and were presented with their new school bags (filled with supplies) for the new school year starting in September. The KnapSack Project hopes that these contributions will alleviate the burden of some school expenses for the parents of those students.

Morne Du Don School

Last year, BodyHoliday received 13 schoolbags from our valued guests and this year we were able to deliver 71. We would like to extend a warm and heart-felt thank you to our guests, your donations are essential to the success of this project and we look forward to breaking this new record alongside you in 2019.  The children and the school faculties were extremely grateful and expressed a sentiment that not only does the Knapsack project spread and share hope to children, but it also teaches them the importance to share, especially with those in need.

BodyHoliday Saint Lucia assists with logistics and transportation on island and encourages our guests to get involved. It is as easy as bringing a new Knapsack, filled with school supplies of your choice on your next visit to BodyHoliday.

We thank you again for your support and hope to share some of the many smiles that you have helped create on your return to our tropical shores.

Find out more at http://knapsackproject.com/join.html

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