I-TAL, is a vegetarian diet principally intended to improve health and energy. Dating back to the culinary choice of the Rastafarians, the though is that the diet, and being vegetarian is to be closer to the universal energy and life force in both the spiritual and healthy aspect, I-TAL is a great way to give yourself a boost.

I-TAL is nestled away behind Coubaril Valley, sitting beautifully amongst the trees. We invite you to discover a world of organic gardening, organic living and to experience lunch or dinner from our table, with panoramic views of Cariblue Bay.

Enjoy a fantastic experience and sustainable meal that it is equally healthy, nutritious, and locally grown – completely organic in nature and filled with the right amount of nutrients to fuel the body.

Although we list I-TAL as one of our restaurants, it works differently to what you might expect. The experience is available at 11:00am for lunch and 5:30pm for dinner on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

I-TAL is not part of the all-inclusive offering and to take part, there is a supplement of US$65pp for lunch and US$85pp for dinner that will be charged to your account. You can book I-TAL before you arrive through your webroom or while here through the concierge.

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Due to new COVID protocols please note that I-Tal may not be available every evening. Our dining schedule will be confirmed 7 days in advance. | Reservations are essential.
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The I-TAL experience is a learning experience. Your I-TAL hosts will teach you about the Rastafarian culture and explain their lifestyle of Rastafarian diet, clean eating, and the founding principles of the Rastafarian movement and food sovereignty which focuses on the ability to grow and provide for your own family.

The lunch experience includes a guided walk around the organic garden, where your hosts will explain the ins and outs of organic farming and point out what we currently have growing and their relative benefits and where we use them.

After learning of the wonderful benefits of our crops, you will have the chance to harvest some ingredients that will then be cleansed and prepared on site. How’s that for a farm to table experience?

If you are joining us for dinner, your experience will begins with a shortened garden tour. While preparing dinner, I-TAL chefs will then narrate the cooking process by explaining the flavor profiles of each ingredient as you are served tantalizing sunset cocktails. This experience allows you to appreciate how even the most unsuspecting pairings go perfectly together.

All this while basking in the spectacular view.

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Our I-TAL chefs can help you create a genuinely exquisite meal full of color, taste, and purity. How about a pesto coconut chutney with grated papaya combined with coconut milk, chili pepper, spring onion, ginger, and garlic? All freshly picked and organically grown from our own organic garden.

Fresh ingredients are an essential element for every perfect culinary dish. At Body Holiday, fresh means fresh from the garden.

The now extensive plot supplies a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits that appear at our various restaurants resort-wide (not just I-TAL exclusively), using pesticide-free, non-GMO, sustainable farming practices to protect the environment, and also to provide our chefs and our guests with truly locally-sourced goodness.

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