I-TAL is a plant-based diet principally intended to improve health and energy. Based on the lifestyle and culinary choice of Rastafarians in the West Indies, the philosophy is that a natural diet focused on the vitamins and minerals available in plants, without harming animals, can enhance one’s life and help bring them closer to the universal life force energy in Mind, Body and Spirit. I-TAL means Vital, and it is a great way to give yourself a boost.

The I-TAL restaurant and organic gardens are tucked behind Coubaril Valley, sitting amongst the trees. We invite you to discover a world of organic gardening and to experience lunch or dinner with panoramic view of Cariblue Bay. Enjoy a very different kind of experience and sustainable meal that it is equally healthy, nutritious, and locally grown – completely organic in nature and filled with the right amount of nutrients to fuel the body.

How it Works
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The I-TAL experience is designed to be enlightening. It begins with a guided walk where expert gardeners lead you to explore our hillside organic garden oasis in and amongst a deciduous dry forest. Our garden is a polyculture of diverse local and exotic edible plants. Our gardeners strive to replenish and protect the soil which in turn produces high quality and nutrient dense food that will nourish your body while simultaneously stimulating your senses.

You will learn about some of the wonderful benefits of our crops, and you can harvest some ingredients that will then be prepared on-site.

The I-TAL chef and her team will narrate the cooking process by explaining the flavour profiles of each ingredient. This experience allows you to appreciate how even the most unsuspecting pairings go perfectly together.



Fresh ingredients are an essential element for every perfect culinary dish. At BodyHoliday, fresh means fresh from the garden.

Our I-TAL chefs can help you create a genuinely exquisite meal full of colour, taste, and purity. How about a pesto coconut chutney with grated papaya combined with coconut milk, chilli pepper, spring onion, ginger, and garlic? All are freshly picked and organically grown from our organic garden.

The extensive plot supplies a wide variety of herbs, greens, fruits, and vegetables that appear at our various restaurants’ resort-wide. We use chemical-free, sustainable, and regenerative farming practices to grow food while protecting the soil and establishing a habitat for local flora and fauna.

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