Group Classes

Caribbean Resorts do not usually offer their guests the amazing group classes found at BodyHoliday. Cardio-Vascular, Aerobic, Dance and Holistic exercise classes, are all included in your BodyHoliday. Classes are designed for all levels of ability. If you are in any doubt about which ones will suit you and your fitness level best, ask your BodyHoliday specialist.

Classes are held all over the resort in a variety of exciting locations: The state of the art Gym, Dance and Yoga studio, Tree Top platform, Spinning room, Yoga Deck on the water’s edge and the Boardwalk. A range of Water Aerobic exercise classes are held in the activities pool daily.

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Aerobic Exercise, St. Lucia Caribbean Island
Gym, St. Lucia Caribbean Island
Spinning room
Gym ball, St. Lucia Caribbean Island
Boxing, St. Lucia Caribbean Island


Personal Training

Julian Felix, Commonwealth Gold Medallist and Caribbean middle weight Body Building Champion, is our senior personal trainer at The BodyHoliday.

Our team of trainers will help motivate and encourage you to achieve results faster than you would on your own. No matter what your goals are or your current fitness level, our personal trainers will deliver fun and challenging goal-focused training sessions to get you started on your journey to optimal fitness.

A 30 minute personal training review is included in your holiday, with additional services as optional.

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Personal Training


BodyAware Programme

The BodyAware programme is your guide to becoming the best version of yourself. You will learn how to manage and/or modify your nutritional and exercise choices through nutrition counselling, fitness testing, and education. BodyAware will also help you establish and prioritise your nutrition and fitness goals using a collaborative approach. If you need a little motivation to jumpstart your health and fitness or want to revamp an old routine, BodyAware is for you. Both 4 & 7 day options are offered and supervised by a personal trainer and lifestyle coach – Hiley Fulgence. 

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Aerobic exercise
Gym at St. Lucia Caribbean Island
Girls-run at bodyholiday
Food at bodyholiday
Woman with electrodes connected to her forehead



The BodyStats assessment is a comprehensive health-related fitness evaluation used to measure your physical fitness and assess your risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease. You will be educated on your current health and fitness status regarding age-and gender-matched norms. Information gathered will be helpful in the development of your exercise program. The assessment includes some or all of the following:

  • Resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Height, weight, and BMI
  • Body composition
  • Waist circumference
  • Peak expiratory flow
  • Functional movement screening
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
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WellFit Trail

BodyHolidays Wellfit Trail offers another course for fitness. Meandering across the beach and up into the hills surrounding the resort, the one-mile trail is designed for every guest and any level of workout you desire. The course can be walked or hiked, or you can choose a more challenging route by running the trail and taking part in the activities set out along the way, which include a balance beam, parallel bars and cargo net, a tunnel and rope bridge, various exercise stations and a tyre run. Instructional plaques are sited on each piece of equipment with full instructions and diagrams.